Camping during Oerol

Since more than 30 years the Oerol festival takes place on Terschelling in the month of June. The theme of 2014 is 'Sense of place'. During this cultural festival of 10 days the whole island serves as a stage for theatre, art and music. There are 2 festivalterrains: the festival terrain in West-Terschelling and the Westerkeyn in the North of Midsland. The camping site with restaurant lies centrally between these 2 locations. . Camping site De Kooi is the Oerol campsite for younger elderly and for older youngsters. For more information about the Oerolfestival please take a look at During Oerol the bicycle-rent-companies take care of the transport of your luggage to and from the campsite for free. When you arrive on the island, you hire a bicycle at the harbour and the related company will bring you luggage to the campsite. When you leave, they will pick up your luggage and bring it to the harbour. You'll have to (make sure you) put your luggage on board of the ferry yourself. Please ask your your bicycle-rent-company for the possibilities. ! On the day of arrival please check-in at the reception first. After you received your ticket you can go and set up your tent.!  To rent a bike click here.

Dit was de line up van 2017. Binnenkort meer over de programmering in eetcafé de Kooi