From duck decoy to camping site

Long ago, before the current estate was built, there was a farmhouse with duck decoy in the tree orchards which was in service of the ' Lords of Terschelling', 'de Popma's'.

On old maps this farmhouse is designated as 'Z.G. Bouhuys', the estate of His Grace. The remains of the old duck decoy are still visible/findable on 'the Kolk', see map campsite. The farmer used to retail the fruitgain from the tree orchards by horse and cart.

The current estate dates of 1880 and was built by order of captain C.A. Bakker (1841-1910), flagcaptain of the 'Steamshipping Society Holland'. Captain Bakker is the great great-grandfather of Gerrit-Jan and Dirk-Jan Moes ( current owners). The estate is of 'the head-hull/body type and has two living-rooms, what can be called exceptional for Terschelling that was poor at that time.

With a little consideration 'De Kooi' can lay claim to the title oldest camping site of Terschelling. Namely, in 1936 in the brochure 'De lof van Schellingerland' the historical advertisement in which 'De Kooi' announces itself as campingsite, was published. Take a look at old pictures of De Kooi here.